26th Project Completed March 01 2014

 ...from the pages of Earth Garden # 167

"EGFA was off to a flying start in 2014 when the first of the year’s projects was completed on the 11th Januray. 15 lights were installed in a vital health post in the remote village of Aishulakharka: this 3kg baby girl was born just after the lights were switched on for the first time. After a record number of installations in 2013 EGFA is fundraising for it’s 27th village."


 Below is a letter from Yada, the director of the Himalayan Light Foundation describing the project.

"Dear Alan,

 Aishulakharka Health Post of Khotang district Solar Instillation is the first project of 2014 of Earth Garden Foundation Australia.  Hiking to Aishulakharka village is the hardest walk I have ever done. Its straight down to river for 3 hours then about 6.5 hours straight up to Aishulakharka. We reach Aishulakharka at around 5 in the afternoon complete exhausted.

 Next day, we walked to the Health Center and start our installation work. We have installed two 60 watt solar panels with 15 lights. The health post staff helped us to install the system. The villagers and the health post management committee visited us while we were working.

We found the health post very busy. One patient was brought to the health post who fell from the tree while cutting the branches, another came with dental problem and another was delivery case. This time the lights was inaugurated by a new born baby it was a coincident that we have completed the installation and was about to test the light, when we put on the light on the same time a baby was born, she weight around 3 KG.( Please see the pictures).

After completing the work we handed over the system to Health Post Management Committee who were very happy with the support.  The health post In-charge informed us that they receive number of patients everyday and one to two delivery cases almost every alternate day some time they have to spend whole night at the health post and this light is very helpful for them so that they can check the patients under the clean solar lights . He and his staff were so happy with the support and gave a big thanks to EGFA and HLF.

I must thank EGFA for their continuous support and each support they have provided helped hundreds of people in the remote village to receive health services under the clean solar lights.

Warm Regards,


Outside the facility with the new panels - check out the view!

Caring for a patient under new lights on left.

Aishulakarka Village