30th and 31st Projects Completed September 01 2014

...from the pages of EG #169
Since the June issue went to press EGFA has had another successful three month period of fundraising and project installation. Solar lighting systems have been installed in health posts in the villages of Adheri and Palapu. Adheri is a village in the Okhaldhunga district with a health post and birthing centre, receiveing 15 to 20 patients a day. Palapu village received it’s solar lighting system on 9th July 2014 to light its health post with 16 new LED lights. EGFA is now fundraising for it’s most ambitious project yet - more details next issue.

The above is a picture of the Adheri Community Development and Health Post Building.

The following is an excerpt from a letter from Yadav, the leader of the Himalayan Light Foundation referring to the installation in Palapu.

"Today we installed the solar lighting system, the health post staff was conducting two days training for the adolescent girls and mothers on child and mother care during pregnancy and after delivery.  There are seven staff at the health post and everyone seems quite busy conducting training and providing health service..as per the health post record 21 deliveries has been made so far since January 2014."

Women in child care class.

View of Sunkoshi river from Palapu village

Palapu village women with new solar panels