Tenth Solar Lighting Project Completed June 01 2012

... from the pages of Earth Garden #160
EGFA’s tenth project - solar lighting in two health posts in the remote Tsum Valley district was completed on the 23rd April 2012.  EGFA has already raised enough funds for it’s 11th project, which may be solar lighting for a mother’s 
group community building in the remote village of Lamjung that services womens groups from five surrounding villages.


Above is a picture of Ani Chhering Doma and Yadav and below is his lively description of the project and working conditions!

"Its my great pleasure to write this email to you as we have completed Tsum project. It took us 12 days to complete the whole project. The village is hidden behind the Mountains the local calls it Mount Chumling. We hiked almost 9-12 hours a day and the trail is really adventurous. There were some trail which is only about two feet wide ( see the attached pictures). There were some trails that go through the edge of the cliff quite scary.  There were some bridges that was locally made which looks old and weak and would fall with two people's weight. At one place, our potter was not ready to cross the bridge he was so scared and nervous that he was ready to return back from that point.

We put the eight lights (80 watt panel) at Shen Phen Clinc of Tumje village. The clinic was run by Ani (nun) Kunjang and she is also taking care of eight young Ani's age between 11-16 who stays with her in the clinic. The young Ani's were from the surrounding villages. They were brought here by their parents and now they are learning all the rituals and culture of becoming an Ani.  The clinic was supported by village Gompa (Monastery). The young Ani's were so happy with the lights (see the attached pictures)."

Locally made bridge

School above Lama Gaun

Student 'Ani' girls with new lights.