EGFA activities since the earthquakes August 26 2015

  • Assisted a nurse friend (with 15 years experience in trauma counselling for children) to volunteer for a month at the medical clinic in our TEAM Nepal children’s home in Talamarang village where 90+ per cent of the houses were destroyed, many people died, and there are many injuries and medical problems. Kazz raised over $5000 from tin rattling but paid her own expenses. Kazz’s friends were worried about her safety at the children’s home; and whether it was a legitimate orphanage. So we edited a short video about EGFA’s recent visit to the home two weeks before the quake:

  • Yadav, the Manager of the HLF, EGFA’s solar partner in Nepal, freighted 50 tents to the village, Dura, where EGFA was installing solar lights in a health post and monastery at the start of April. Both buildings are damaged and most people are homeless.

  • EGFA fundraised for our payment to the children’s home for their annual running costs.

  • GOOD NEWS: we had confirmation that none of the solar lighting systems installed by EGFA in 36 villages over the past eight years was damaged.

  • EGFA is now ready to assist Dura village with rebuilding, and will then resume raising funds for other needy village health posts.