Rebuilding Nepal June 01 2015

The 25 April earthquake in Nepal is the greatest setback for Nepal since the Maoist civil war claimed 15,000 lives from 1996-2006.  The Earth Garden Foundation (EGFA) began working in Nepal in September 2008.  Since then, nearly US$200,000 in project funds have been invested in Nepal by the Earth Garden Foundation.  We focus on two activities: installing solar lighting in remote village health posts via our local partner, the Himalayan Light Foundation; and paying the annual running costs of an inspiring orphanage for 20 children run by our local partner TEAM Nepal.

EGFA's focus now is to assess its 36 existing Nepali project sites to determine which need repair or reconstruction.  We are fundraising to ensure that all villages with EGFA-funded solar lighting systems are fully operational.  Then we will press on with our annual funding commitment to the children;s home in July.

Help us rebuild Nepal! Earth Garden magazine has absorbed all the administration costs of EGFA from day one and will continue to do so.