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Helping to provide sustainable living solutions to developing communities in Nepal, and financial counselling services in remote Outback Western Australia!


Welcome to the Earth Garden Foundation Australia Limited.  Since 2008 EGFA has had a very simple mission: we raise money to install solar power plants in remote Nepali village health posts and hospitals where there are no lights or power.

85 per cent of the wonderful Nepali people have no access to the national grid.  And Nepal is one of the poorest countries on Earth.  So EGFA is committed to helping people with a solution that promotes renewable energy, while respecting the rights and desires of the local village people to decide exactly how and where their solar power systems are installed. 

Part of our activity in the field involves training local village people to install these systems, do the (minimal) maintenance themselves, and then have a sense of ownership and pride in this solar solution that helps them have decent quality lighting when they need health care, whether it’s emergency first aid, maternity or immunisation services, or any of the other full range of community health services that take place in village health posts and regional hospitals.

  EGFA's work began in 2008 after being inspired on a field trip conducted by the Himalayan Light Foundation in Kathmandu.  We have worked closely with the HLF's indefatigable manager, Mr Yadav Gurung, ever since.  EGFA has been in contact with Yadav every week of every year since that first project installing solar lighting in 2008.

EGFA also fund the annual running costs of a delightful children’s home located on an organic farm 80 km from the Nepali capital, Kathmandu.  The TEAM NEPAL home is a treasure and is run by some of the most inspiring people we’ve ever met.  The National Geographic Society in the USA have chosen the TEAM NEPAL home for their students to visit to learn how aid development projects SHOULD be done.

EGFA has installed solar lighting and power systems in more than 55 villages since 2008, and we have assisted more than 250,000 village people.  

You can help us by buying joining EGFA, or donating money.  Best of all, every cent of the money you donate will go to help needy people in these remote communities, as Earth Garden magazine continues to absorb all the administration costs of the Foundation.


Since 2020 EGFA has branched out to add a domestic program of financial counselling to complement its Nepal activities.  EGFA's Board of Directors voted to begin the process of broadening EGFA's activities to include financial counselling. Find out what this means, and what EGFA does, here on the BUSH MONEY MOB home page

Alan Gray
EGFA Limited

PLEASE NOTE: Donations to Earth Garden Foundation Australia Ltd are tax deductible.