Why Bush Money Mob is needed

Bush Money Mob is a specialist financial counselling agency that targets the most remote people on the continent for services other Australians can access easily.

Indigenous community members are often invisible from government services because of their remote locations.

But they’re not invisible to the sharks and the rip-off merchants who target their Centrelink payments.

Remote community members have made it plain to BMM staff that they want services delivered by Kimberley-based agencies - not agencies from Perth, Sydney, or Melbourne.  BMM staff have been part of the Kimberley community - with extensive contacts and networks - for more than 20 years.

Remote community members are tired of city-based staff visiting the Kimberley on two year contracts, and then leaving programs with no long-term commitment.  A long-term commitment requires cultural aptitude, and a willingness to learn the best way to engage with remote Aboriginal people.

BMM’s approach to engaging with remote communities is also different because it aims to be 100% self-sufficient for resources.

Agencies often fly into remote communities and then rely on these tiny, underfunded communities to provide them with transport, office space and resources, accommodation, and food supplies.

This reliance inevitably leads to agencies flying in and out as quickly as possible - or not at all.  The mad rush to leave gives no opportunity to build long-term relationships with locals.

BMM is NOT reliant on community resources, and does not enter a community with the intention to leave as quickly as possible.